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Over 30 years of practicing as both a Business and Property Settlement Agency means we know every facet of this complex process going beyond the creation of Contracts to pre-empt factors which can delay or prevent settlement occurring

As one of the handful of Settlement Agents with the experience and license to handle business settlements we implement this acquired expertise to supplement our Business Brokers in their familiarity with all aspects of a business transaction – something we believe essential in handling the complex nature of these transactions.

The Avenue’s settlement agency Space Settlement Services can act on your behalf for business, residential, commercial, rural, strata and industrial property settlements.

Past experience often enables us to identify problems before they become complex and costly legal scenarios, often saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Silvia Pace has a well-earned reputation as a Settlement Agent
and is known for her attention to detail and depth of knowledge.
which is why most clients have been with us for many years.

Edward Brine was trained by Silvia and has also learnt the importance
of making sure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ crossed so there are
no unexpected omissions or oversights that can result in higher taxes
and duties or delay final settlement.

Our group also includes our master Building Company A. T. Brine & Sons Pty Ltd – being a WA father-to-son family business since its establishment in 1890.

The building company allows for all repair/renovation and development related works to be completed in house and in a controlled, timely fashion – reducing time delays, and contractor unreliability, for our clients.